Laws of Pantydynamics: Chapter 2

For your enjoyment Chapter 2 has been added. Click on the image below to begin reading. You'll be redirected to the latest file which includes newly added chapters. On the contents page, click on whichever chapter you want to read, and you'll be redirected to the chapter's first page. Return to the Contents page by clicking… Continue reading Laws of Pantydynamics: Chapter 2

Laws of Pantydynamics: Chapter 1

How is everyone doing? Stay strong. Be smart. And most of all, keep your distance. As promised, here is Chapter 1. I'm still working out the kinks, so the next post will most likely look different. If you stop reading here, you'll never know. 😛 If you stick with me 'til the end, you'll be my… Continue reading Laws of Pantydynamics: Chapter 1

Wash Your Hands and Read Laws of Pantydynamics

🎶Wash your hands. Obey the bans. Stay six feet apart. And play it smart.🎶 Good day to you all. I hope everyone is being extra cautious out there across the globe. We are unfortunately experiencing a formidable chapter of history. Sadly, we are told the days ahead will become more challenging before they improve. I'm… Continue reading Wash Your Hands and Read Laws of Pantydynamics

In the Land of Castles, Sheepdogs and Dragons

On Thursday the 8th of August, we finally traveled northward to Gwynedd – one of my favorites places on the planet. I first discovered the fascinating history of this particular region of Wales through the Here Be Dragons trilogy by Sharon Kay Penman. If you've never read it, I insist you stop reading this blog… Continue reading In the Land of Castles, Sheepdogs and Dragons

Saints, Cows & Spiders … Oh, My!

Mother Nature delivered another perfect day on Wednesday, August 7th. Mandy and I ventured to the coast on our own this time to visit the stunning cathedral of St. Davids. If you know anything at all about Wales, it just may be that St. David is the patron saint of this fair country. Born in… Continue reading Saints, Cows & Spiders … Oh, My!

More Swans, Castles & Rain

On Tuesday Mandy and I ventured to Pembroke to visit the castle of its once lord and master William Marshall – one of Mandy's personal favorite historical figures. As for me, I knew very little about him when we arrived. One of the first things I did learn was that he purportedly stood 6' 6"!… Continue reading More Swans, Castles & Rain

To Market, To Market, Then on to a Farm

We arrived in Wales on Thursday, much to my utter delight. I first visited this breathtaking country many, many years ago and have always wanted to return. <insert squeals of joy> While the All Souls Con in Cardiff was a hoot, I cannot wait to start exploring the countryside. But first, a little PSA. Many… Continue reading To Market, To Market, Then on to a Farm

Crabs, an Octopus & Steep Steps

Wednesday was my final day to explore Torquay as we're headed to Wales Thursday morning. As Mandy was feeling better after being under the weather for almost two weeks, she accompanied me down the hill where we grabbed breakfast at one of the many fine cafés bordering the marina. After a traditional English breakfast for… Continue reading Crabs, an Octopus & Steep Steps

Sheep, Spelt & a Medieval Church

On Tuesday we traveled to Dartmoor National Park where the sheep roam free, the roads are narrow, the turns are blind and the speed limit is 60 kph. I've never been on a moor and very much felt like Jane Eyre trekking in the rain. Does it always rain on the moors? Seems to in… Continue reading Sheep, Spelt & a Medieval Church

Adventures in Torquay

I'm back in the UK and have been sharing pictures of my adventure(s) via twitter. As it's raining today, I thought I'd take the time to share several more. My traveling companions and I arrived in Torquay on Friday and checked into this converted Victorian house for the duration of our stay in England. Torquay… Continue reading Adventures in Torquay