Are You A Flower Girl Or Are You A Lady?

I’ve been thinking lately about equality. It seems a fairly simple concept. Everyone treat everyone the same. Then there is the Golden Rule – treat others as you would like to be treated – with its variation – do not treat others as you would not like to be treated. Basically, equality is about reciprocity – a mutual exchange of respect. Question: Why is it so difficult for everyone to respect each other? Because you are wrong! might be the answer for some. In order to receive respect and, thus, equality, we all have to agree? Well, that ain’t gonna happen…

Jamie’s Top 30 Moments from Outlander Ep304: OF LOST THINGS

Outlander Episode 304: OF LOST THINGS aired on Sunday, 1 October and introduces several new and exciting characters. David Berry returns as Lord John Grey. Yay! We can never have too much of him; I say. Here’s hoping Ron & Co. add more Lord John to fill the wide gap left behind by the unfortunate demise of Frank & the about-damn-time death of Jonathan Randall. Lord John’s character is refreshing after all the darkness in the previous two seasons – not that I’m complaining. It all serves to build upon young Jamie’s development into mature Jamie – my personal favorite of the two….

Lord John Grey’s Top 20 Looks from Outlander Ep303: ALL DEBTS PAID

Outlander Episode 303: ALL DEBTS PAID introduces my fav … fav … favorite character – the distinguished Lord John William Grey portrayed perfectly by Australian actor David Berry. Given that, I could not resist giving LJG his very own Top 20. Lord John Grey (for those few of you who do not know) has his own side series of intriguing novellas, a few including Jamie Fraser and Lord Melton – good ol’ Hal. For a complete account of Diana Gabaldon‘s entire Outlander saga, I highly recommend checking them out – along with all her other short story goodies.

Jamie’s Top 30 Looks from Outlander Ep303: ALL DEBTS PAID

Outlander Episode 303: ALL DEBTS PAID aired on Sunday, 24 September, during which I was jet-setting to and fro and couldn’t get myself in front of a laptop long enough to give Outlander its proper attention. But, I’m here now. No more traveling for a while. Man o man. I am pooped (and sick if anyone wants to know). Episode 303 holds a special place in my literary heart

Jamie’s Top 30 Looks from Outlander Ep302: SURRENDER

Outlander Episode 302: SURRENDER aired on Sunday, 17 September. What did y’all think of Jamie’s hair? Did it get its own screen credit? I didn’t happen to notice. Either way, I’m sure there is already a twitter account with more followers than mine by now. Ooh. Hope I didn’t just piss off Jamie’s hair. So, Jamie (and his hair) are living in a cave which happens to be the same size as a studio apartment I once had. He’s become a hunter and a brooder, nary whispering a word. How wonderful would it have been if he had only grunted throughout…

Jamie’s Top 30 Looks from Outlander Ep301: THE BATTLE JOINED

Outlander Episode 301: THE BATTLE JOINED aired on Sunday, 10 September after the Guinness Book of World Record’s longest hiatus in the history of the world dating all the way back, back, back to the Triassic Period … at least, that’s what it felt like to us. The episode opens with a poignant bang and ends with a bittersweet whimper. The entire cast and production team somehow manage to outperform themselves yet again. I have no idea how they do it, but am darn appreciative of their talent and commitment to the show.

Outlander Season 3 Breakdown Posters

We’re down to the nitty gritty, folks … only 10 days to go. Since the premiere of Outlander way back in August of 2014, the show’s popularity has exploded. And with that popularity explosion, an expansive number of websites have emerged in all corners of the globe. So, if you’re still with my little website, I’d like to say “Thank ye!” Know that I appreciate each and every one of you, and I hope you continue to enjoy my quirky sense of humor in Season 3.

Outlander 15 Top Picks

Okay, folks. Droughtlander is almost over which means it’s time to start rev’ing up. Anyone on social media today knows Entertainment Weekly released several new insider looks at Season 3 as well as a peek at the Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan photo shoot in South Africa. The pictures are sizzling hot. I took it upon myself to grab a few gems from the photo shoot video and added my own special touch to them. I hope you enjoy.

Cartwheels & Eclipses

So, how did you celebrate the most amazing cosmic event in 2017 – at least in our infinitesimal part of the solar system? If you’re outside the United States, it probably wasn’t very exciting. If you were outside the zone of totality, it may have been almost as ‘unexciting.’ I reside in the 75% eclipse zone, but I thought it was still pretty cool.