Laws of Pantydynamics: Chapter 6

Since I first started posting the chapters of this story, a lot has happened in the world—not to mention my own injury. Some time ago, I slipped and did a comical roll in the middle of the street where I was stretching without anything to keep my balance. My right ankle twisted and down I… Continue reading Laws of Pantydynamics: Chapter 6

Laws of Pantydynamics: Chapter 5

It's Friday, April 17th. I hope everyone out there is finding pleasant distractions to cope with our StayAtHome orders. A little later than I had hoped, I have uploaded chapter 5 of Pantydynamics to help keep you entertained. [More below the link.] We are back with Sophie and Leslie out on the town. The venue… Continue reading Laws of Pantydynamics: Chapter 5

Laws of Pantydynamics: Chapter 4

Good Saturday to everyone. I'm a bit late on Chapter 4, but here it is. I originally intended to post this book as-is, but ... that's not exactly what I'm doing anymore. So, this should be interesting (at least, for me) as I revisit each chapter and revise it to incorporate a new layer I… Continue reading Laws of Pantydynamics: Chapter 4

Laws of Pantydynamics: Chapter 3

The countdown to Roger's big episode is underway. While you wait to stream Outlander tonight at midnight or tomorrow or whatever, here's Chapter 3 for a few minutes reading pleasure. No politics. No coronavirus. No squabbles. Enjoy!

Laws of Pantydynamics: Chapter 2

For your enjoyment Chapter 2 has been added. Click on the image below to begin reading. You'll be redirected to the latest file which includes newly added chapters. On the contents page, click on whichever chapter you want to read, and you'll be redirected to the chapter's first page. Return to the Contents page by clicking… Continue reading Laws of Pantydynamics: Chapter 2

Laws of Pantydynamics: Chapter 1

How is everyone doing? Stay strong. Be smart. And most of all, keep your distance. As promised, here is Chapter 1. I'm still working out the kinks, so the next post will most likely look different. If you stop reading here, you'll never know. 😛 If you stick with me 'til the end, you'll be my… Continue reading Laws of Pantydynamics: Chapter 1

Wash Your Hands and Read Laws of Pantydynamics

🎶Wash your hands. Obey the bans. Stay six feet apart. And play it smart.🎶 Good day to you all. I hope everyone is being extra cautious out there across the globe. We are unfortunately experiencing a formidable chapter of history. Sadly, we are told the days ahead will become more challenging before they improve. I'm… Continue reading Wash Your Hands and Read Laws of Pantydynamics