And Now This Message

I posted these words on Facebook earlier today. I encourage anyone not interested in climate change to stop reading and continue about your day . . . for as many days as you have left. (Yes, that’s a joke.) Cool. If you are still reading, thanks. I especially want to thank my international blog followers. Though you don’t live in the United States, this issue effects us all. Furthermore, I’m sorry for the disruption we’ve caused the entire world.

If only . . .

Love at First Sight was the second post I wrote. It told the true tale of a young man enamored of a pretty grocery store clerk in the market where I frequently shop. Recently, the lovely and talented Caitriona Balfe shared a link with us from The Philosophers’ Mail entitled On the madness and charm of crushes. The article sparked a fond memory of my own tale of an unrequited crush, and I thought I would share it with you now.

Word on the Lake

Word on the Lake is an annual writer’s festival held in Salmon Arm, British Columbia. This past weekend was their 11th celebration with a spectacular line up of Canadian authors, including Carmen Aguirre, Gail Anderson-Dargatz (@AndersonDargatz), Ann Eriksson (@Ann_Eriksson), David Essig, Gary Geddes (@gedworks), C.C. Humphreys (@HumphreysCC), Shelagh Jamieson, Ursula Maxwell-Lewis (@YouTravel), Carolyn Swayze, and Howard White (@HowardWhite). Oh, and they had one American author – someone you may have heard of (or not) – Diana Gabaldon (@Writer_DG). You can read a summary of each author’s bio here: Author’s Bios. Needless to say, with a line up like that – I had a fabulous time. I…

Happy Mother’s Day

Today is May 11 – Mother’s Day in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and the United States. [If I forgot your country, please drop a comment in the box and let me know!] To state the obvious, today’s post is dedicated to all the Mothers in the world out there – Outlander fan or not. I do not discriminate on Mother’s Day! As carnations are the official flower of the day honoring our Mothers, I thought I would include this lovely vintage postcard. Please share it with all the Mother’s you know. § Northern Pacific Railway postcard for Mother’s…

Love at first sight

I want to share my observations on inspiration this morning. It’s a word that occupies my mind quite often because I am always in search of it. What writer isn’t? Inspiration comes from inside though generally stems from an outside stimulus – a glance, a full-on look, a snippet of conversation, a smell, a color, a laugh, a voice, a single word. Obviously, the list is endless, and I don’t intend to make observations about every inspiration I’ve ever had. “Whew!” says the reader. I’m going to focus on one place and one group. . .

Welcome to the #twitterdome

Four words I have typed many times to new members since joining the #twitter universe myself two months ago. Like 95% of my followers, I joined #twitter for one person – Diana Gabaldon (@Writer_DG): Author of the extraordinary Outlander and Lord John series of novels and novellas. Now, I could and will spend countless hours writing about DG (as we refer to her on #twitter to save on space) & the Outlander novels, but my first blog entry must be about #twitter.