Laws of Pantydynamics: Chapter 7

As always, I hope everyone is keeping safe, staying healthy, and staying home. I've been getting quite a bit of reading/audio book listening done. Thought I'd mention a few as recommendations. Liane Moriarty's Big Little Lies (Loved it. Now I'm watching the show.) Michelle Obama's Becoming (Loved *it.* Haven't watched the doc yet.) Ben Winters' The… Continue reading Laws of Pantydynamics: Chapter 7

Laws of Pantydynamics: Chapter 6

Since I first started posting the chapters of this story, a lot has happened in the world—not to mention my own injury. Some time ago, I slipped and did a comical roll in the middle of the street where I was stretching without anything to keep my balance. My right ankle twisted and down I… Continue reading Laws of Pantydynamics: Chapter 6

Cancel Culture Brigade

Cancel culture is a trendy new term being tossed around these days. At least, it's new to me. After hearing it referenced (a lot) recently, I had to do a bit of research. For those of you not completely in the know, cancel culture refers to the boycotting, virtual attacking, and/or social media shaming of… Continue reading Cancel Culture Brigade

Free Speech vs. Fee Speech

Some of you may have seen the story in the news over the last few days regarding the termination of actor Hartley Sawyer over comments he posted on social media eight years ago. Read the full story here.This is not normally a story to which I would have paid much attention. Another public figure said… Continue reading Free Speech vs. Fee Speech

Laws of Pantydynamics: Chapter 5

It's Friday, April 17th. I hope everyone out there is finding pleasant distractions to cope with our StayAtHome orders. A little later than I had hoped, I have uploaded chapter 5 of Pantydynamics to help keep you entertained. [More below the link.] We are back with Sophie and Leslie out on the town. The venue… Continue reading Laws of Pantydynamics: Chapter 5

Laws of Pantydynamics: Chapter 4

Good Saturday to everyone. I'm a bit late on Chapter 4, but here it is. I originally intended to post this book as-is, but ... that's not exactly what I'm doing anymore. So, this should be interesting (at least, for me) as I revisit each chapter and revise it to incorporate a new layer I… Continue reading Laws of Pantydynamics: Chapter 4

Something to Make You Smile

Good morning ... ☀️ Good afternoon ... 🌎 Good evening ... 🌙 wherever you are in the world. The magnolias are blooming! After my morning dose of bad news, I sat here wondering how well everyone out there is coping. I try not to read too much news (I do not watch the local or… Continue reading Something to Make You Smile

Laws of Pantydynamics: Chapter 3

The countdown to Roger's big episode is underway. While you wait to stream Outlander tonight at midnight or tomorrow or whatever, here's Chapter 3 for a few minutes reading pleasure. No politics. No coronavirus. No squabbles. Enjoy!

William Marshal’s Castle

Reaching out to you today with a flashback to seven months ago when I traveled to Wales with my good friend Mandy. It's cheerful to think back now (with everything going on) to that time we traipsed about the charming Welsh countryside. Like the rest of the world, they are dealing with the coronavirus as… Continue reading William Marshal’s Castle


Checking in with my fellow wallflowers. I hope you are all continuing with your social distancing as we are still heading up the incline of this pandemic. Remain steadfast and strong! We are doing well in my house. I went to the grocery store this afternoon, figuring it's hit or miss nowadays. I had not… Continue reading Wallflowers