Happy 2020 Thanksgiving. I hope everyone had a safe celebration as the day comes to an end. I spent the day alone and decided to get some writing/editing done. Being Thanksgiving I thought it might be fun to post the related chapters because what the heck? My intention had been to slap the chapters in place without re-reading or editing, but when have I ever done that?

Here’s a little background leading up to these chapters. It will be no shocker Sophie and Adam have coupled up somewhere between Halloween and Thanksgiving. James and Leslie are just friends who are about to learn a little about each other at the Turner Thanksgiving gathering. James has not been completely open about his family ties which when revealed throw Leslie for a loop.

The day begins at the Foster residence where James’s father Graham is hosting an extravagant affair. We meet a few colorful character’s from James’s circle including his childhood friend Ashlyn with whom he has a hot-and-cold relationship. You should know James has taken a leave of absence from work. This has put more responsibility on Adam’s shoulders and put a strain on his new romance with Sophie.

Sophie’s parents, Dante and Olivia, are introduced earlier in the book and return for these chapters. A few other characters attend the Turner dinner party, Sophie’s cousin Alfred and his new girlfriend Gloria (who I loved creating), Sophie’s co-worker Barry (who is also introduced earlier in the book) along with his mother Helen (who you will probably never see again, but she’s a lovely woman so who knows?)

I realize I’m jumping way ahead, but hopefully you’ll have fun bouncing back and forth with me. On we go.

Elements new cover 5

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