As always, I hope everyone is keeping safe, staying healthy, and staying home. I’ve been getting quite a bit of reading/audio book listening done. Thought I’d mention a few as recommendations.

Liane Moriarty’s Big Little Lies (Loved it. Now I’m watching the show.)

Michelle Obama’s Becoming (Loved *it.* Haven’t watched the doc yet.)

Ben Winters’ The Last Policeman trilogy (I’m on the 2nd book. Had never heard the term sub-apocalyptic which is simply a tangential story taking place during an apocalypse. It’s pretty good. Can’t wait to find out if the meteor actually hits the planet.)

Angie Thomas’ The Hate U Give (A must-read for everyone. I watched the movie after I finished the book. I liked the book better. Performances were very good, but I didn’t care for the adaptation, especially the way they changed the shooting and the ending.)

Lauren Wilkinson’s American Spy (Not at all what I expected, but I really enjoyed the way she unfolds the story. Would love to see it adapted.)

Dave Eggers’ The Circle (I usually read before watching an adaptation, but I saw the movie a few years ago. Hmm. I don’t remember being impressed by the film, but I liked the book. I was a bit taken aback by the sexual content because I don’t remember any of that in the movie. It was just a bit jarring.)

Started listening to Maxwell King’s The Good Neighbor: The Life and Works of Fred Rogers this morning. So far, so good. I’m also interested in Elizabeth Wetmore’s Valentine. Listened to the sample and was immediately drawn into Gloria’s story. Stacey Lee’s The Downstairs Girl also sounds/looks promising.

And then there’s the next installment of my little book. We’re back with Sophie who has more than a few run-ins with different men at the costume party. I hope you enjoy.

Elements new cover 5

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