Since I first started posting the chapters of this story, a lot has happened in the world—not to mention my own injury. Some time ago, I slipped and did a comical roll in the middle of the street where I was stretching without anything to keep my balance. My right ankle twisted and down I went, landing right side up like a doll with my legs straight out in front of me. Unfortunately, I did a number on my right wrist which is still tender but getting better every day. I have to force myself not to use it for the simplest of tasks. No problem avoiding excessive usage because it hurts to lift anything too heavy.

But that’s certainly not the worst thing to have happened since I last posted a chapter. We’ve all been dealing with a chaotic world and the year 2020 beating us down with:

  • a never-ending virus where social distancing and wearing a mask continue to be as important now as those practices were at the start. I am dismayed every day by the number of people ignoring the recommendations by the CDC, all for absurd reasons.
  • racial inequality which for a large segment of society continues to be a lifelong struggle. Protests for both racial and gender equality fill the streets from the smallest towns to the largest cities. I am heartbroken at the number of people marginalized and even murdered by our own compatriots. Patriot should mean the same thing to us all, but its definition seems to have become distorted to fit one segment of society.
  • police brutality has been around for a long time but has been brushed under the rug of society as we’ve gone about our busy lives.
  • voting uncertainties during a pandemic weigh heavily on everyone’s mind, but I am heartened by the number of people protesting who I am sure will make their voices heard in voting booths this November—virus or not, mail-in ballots or not, lines or not.

There’s so much more I could mention, and the list gets longer every day. All of it (plus my wrist) made me take a break from posting my creative writing because it seemed insensitive in light of current world events.

While the fixing of our legislation, justice, and law enforcement systems is more crucial than ever, regular life must go on. Distractions continue to be a necessity because focusing your attention on the news 24/7 is exhausting and unhealthy. As difficult as it is some days to try to be funny, I will try my best to persist. As always, I hope to bring a smile to a few of your faces. Thanks for sticking with me!

In this latest chapter, I did a little switcheroo. It was originally written from Adam’s perspective, but upon rereading I decided to switch it to James’s. I hope you enjoy it.

Elements new cover 5

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