It’s Friday, April 17th. I hope everyone out there is finding pleasant distractions to cope with our StayAtHome orders. A little later than I had hoped, I have uploaded chapter 5 of Pantydynamics to help keep you entertained. [More below the link.]

Elements new cover 5

We are back with Sophie and Leslie out on the town. The venue introduced in this chapter is fictional but was inspired by my favorite museum in Pasadena: The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens. I highly recommend a visit if you’re ever in Pasadena (technically, San Marino). The Huntington has an outstanding collection of paintings and medieval manuscripts, just to mention a few key collections. The multiple gardens surrounding the museum represent a variety of terrains. To name a few, they include the Australian Garden, Desert Garden, Japanese Garden (probably my favorite), Rose Garden, and the Shakespeare Garden.

Two of the paintings for which The Huntington is most famous are The Blue Boy, painted by Thomas Gainsborough circa 1770,


and Pinkie, painted by Thomas Lawrence in 1794.


Neither painting is featured in my story, but I wanted to share these lovely works of art with you regardless. Digital images in my blog post do not do them justice. Hopefully, some day you can view them for yourselves in person.

In the meantime … stay safe. Be healthy. Keep reading.

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