🎶Wash your hands. Obey the bans. Stay six feet apart. And play it smart.🎶

Good day to you all. I hope everyone is being extra cautious out there across the globe. We are unfortunately experiencing a formidable chapter of history. Sadly, we are told the days ahead will become more challenging before they improve. I’m sure you’ve heard again and again ‘We are all in this together.’ With that in mind, I decided to share some of my writing with you. Some time ago, I alluded to a novel I was writing. Well, I actually “finished” it, but it has been sitting on my laptop—unread except by a few. Upon opening the manuscript this week, I wanted to rewrite much of it. But … under penalty of not exactly death but close to it, my friends Mandy and Carol have compelled me to post it as-is.

🎶Stop touching your face. Pretend it’s a race. We’re gonna win. So care for your kin.🎶

So, that’s the plan. I will post the entire novel chapter-by-chapter over the next several weeks. Read a bit while waiting in your car for your grocery pick up. (You are ordering online, right?) Read a whole chapter while waiting for that New York Times best-seller to load onto your e-reader. Read my book instead of all those negative threads on social media. Read it with a fox, on a box, in the tub, with your hub. I don’t care, as long as you don’t read it in a crowd.

🎶This thing won’t last. But it won’t be fast. Just stay the course. And watch the Force.🎶

Fair warning. It does contain adult language (not much, but some). It also contains explicit sex scenes (sensual and funny). And because it’s me, it has my kind of humor. Yes, it is a romantic comedy.

🎶If that’s your thing. Or you can sing. Read a book (hint). Oh, no she din’t!🎶

In a nutshell (because I love nutshells), the story follows the relationship paths of two different couples. It’s an opposites attract kind of tale. Laws of Pantydynamics is a light read which I had great fun writing. If you like it, terrific! If you don’t, oh well. Can’t please everyone. Keep in mind, it’s a work-in-progress though I’ve not worked on it for quite some time. I’m only hoping to spread some chuckles around the world because we drastically need to laugh.

🎶Hang on tight. We’ll be all right. Don’t be a fool. And think you’re too cool.🎶

In the meantime, maintain your health and safety. Take care of your family (including pets) and neighbors. Try your best not to burden the system. Stay positive and keep active. Maintain a strong immune system. If you are at-risk, please take extra care!

🎶To stay at home. Please don’t roam. Wash your hands. Obey the bans.🎶

8 thoughts on “Wash Your Hands and Read Laws of Pantydynamics

  1. It is so brave of you and so kind to share your novel with us !
    I’ll be delight it to read it… but tomorrow. It is 1 AM so I’m heading to bed.

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