Where’s Baby Candida?

So, today is all me, but then … when isn’t it? Well, usually it’s all about Jamie, but today it really is all about me. My mom recently moved into a new place. Me, my brothers and my sister went the extra mile (and then some) to unpack all her boxes and set up the house for her. After a week of some late nights, we made it move-in ready. I took lead on the organizing and decorating. My sibs were happy and very helpful letting me make the house all purdy and orderly for our mom.

One of my favorite features is the baby wall. I picked up some cutesy, farm-like frames to create a collection along the wall beside my mom’s bed. I’ve always loved the adorable, colorized pictures of my brothers and sister, but the only picture of me was a rather poor quality, low resolution, black and white photograph. We had a good laugh about how the last kid never gets as many pictures taken. Ha ha ha.

Fortunately, today one of my brothers found a rather rare picture of me (of even crappier quality and lower resolution) which I decided to play with in photoshop, and I’m very happy with the results after only a few hours. Here’s the original photograph:

And here’s my initial composite:


I added a blue gradient to the background to match my sibling’s portraits and replaced the u-g-l-y shag carpeting with hardwood – because, don’t we always have to do that? A little texture. A little shadow. A little skin tint. A little pink dress. Et voilà. It’s certainly not final composite quality, but I started with a photo of a photo from an email … so not too shabby. I can’t wait to take my place beside my brothers and sister!

Btw, there really is a picture of me on the wall, but I’m hoping to swap it out with something more like the above portrait in the near future.


  1. Stellar job on the colorizing!

    1. ohhh, wait! Look at you changing the carpet to old pinewood with aging! 🙂

      1. heh heh. Can’t be immortalized on shag.

    2. Thank you much, Moz!

  2. that is a lovely picture and good on you for coloring and putting in different flooring… I envy folk who are so artistic…

  3. Brenda Morgan

    WOW!! I’m impressed with your artistic ability. This looks like an original! I need to colorize photos of my Husband. Where do I start? Thanks

    1. Thanks so much, Brenda. Your question inspired a new blog post: https://candidan.wordpress.com/2018/04/08/top-10-tips/

  4. Laine Andrews

    Honestly, I prefer the black and white…more classic…even including the shag rug!

    1. Ha ha. Well, it’s more about continuity. I want the picture to match those of my siblings.

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