Outlander Episode 302: SURRENDER aired on Sunday, 17 September. What did y’all think of Jamie’s hair? Did it get its own screen credit? I didn’t happen to notice. Either way, I’m sure there is already a twitter account with more followers than mine by now. Ooh. Hope I didn’t just piss off Jamie’s hair.

So, Jamie (and his hair) are living in a cave which happens to be the same size as a studio apartment I once had. He’s become a hunter and a brooder, nary whispering a word. How wonderful would it have been if he had only grunted throughout the entire episode? No? Well, it might have been funny anyway … a little tribute to the cavemen of yore.

Okay. Okay. I’m going way off on a tangent here. It must be the humidity going to my head. Let’s talk about Sam Heughan. In Ep301, he had the job of lying like a stiff, and he did it wonderfully. In Ep302, his job is to look lonely, frustrated and, yes, scared. He’s not scared for himself, of course, he’s afraid for his family. Those nasty redcoats – a Scot among them, no less – just will not give up trying to track him down. The stars of this episode are truly Jamie’s hair and Sam’s eyes … those eyes which do not need dialogue because they speak volumes on their own.

So, Jamie lives in a cave, hunts by day, scowls by night, hides from the redcoats at all hours until he can stand it no more. The breaking point for him seems to be when he finds his family crest slashed with a sword. They can throw Ian in the clinker again and again. They can threaten Jenny only minutes after giving birth. They can chop off Fergus’ hand. But by George, they will not vandalize the tapestries!

Yeah, I know it’s really all that other stuff, but the tapestry. Come on. That was the straw.

So, Jamie hatches the brilliant plan to have Jenny turn him in to the redcoats for the bounty on his head. I never quite understood why the Lieutenant didn’t pocket the pouch for himself. He must be a second cousin of Lord Melton or something. Which brings us to … dum dee dee dum [minor spoiler alert] … my absolute favorite part of the story – Jamie and Lord John Grey meeting, falling in love and running off together. Ha ha! Did I fool any of the non-book fans? Oh, well. There is some handholding involved and even a kiss. Ha ha again! You think I’m kidding. We’ll see…

I realize I’ve jumped ahead to Ep303, so I’ll get back on track. I very much enjoyed this episode of OutlanderIt’s quiet yet suspenseful and lots o’ stuff happens as you’ll see in my little something to help you get over the hump this week … Jamie’s Top 30 Looks for Episode 302: SURRENDER.

#30: Jamie’s Sasquatch Face: Granted he’s a lot better looking than Big Foot, but it might be a tie in the hairy department.

#29: Jamie’s Wanted Face: Why is it they can draw a dead-on accurate sketch of Red Jamie, but they can’t seem find him?

#28: Jamie’s H&R Block Face: Hmm. Not sure I’d hire this guy to do my books. Something else … maybe.

#27: Jamie’s Booty Call Face: Last hair joke, I promise. Do you think Mary McNabb would have volunteered to put a smile on Jamie’s face if she didn’t know what lay hidden under that bush?

#26: Jamie’s Rock-A-Bye-Baby Face: Yep. This is what happens when you don’t use birth control during a booty call.

#25: Jamie’s TMI Face: Only Jenny would nag Jamie about his sex life while he’s wielding a cleaver.

#24: Jamie’s Broken Man Face: It breaks the heart knowing what Jamie’s going through. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Let’s get on to the chess game. That’ll brighten things up right quick.

#23: Jamie’s One With The Trees Face: With that red hair … not so much.

#22: Jamie’s Where Did I Go Wrong? Face: Someone needs to teach that Fergus a lesson. Just sayin’.

#21: Jamie’s Dead Raven Face: The only thing I kept thinking during this scene was … Fergus couldn’t have thrown a friggin’ rock?

#20: Jamie’s Is She Really Pissed At Me? Face: Yes, Jamie. We are all pissed at you.

#19: Jamie’s I Miss My Husband Face: Oopsie. Wrong husband.

#18: Jamie’s LOTR Face: Or what Legolas and Gimli’s baby would look like.

#17: Jamie’s Dream Lover Face: This could have been really awkward if Jamie had been imagining Claire naked.

#16: Jamie’s Fried Green Commando Face: Why is it women always insist on tending to Jamie by a romantic fire? [Any guesses as to what book I’m reading this week?]

#15: Jamie’s Baby Bree Face: Koochie koochie koo. Tell me you don’t think that’s what Jamie looked like as a pup?

#14: Jamie’s Poor Frank Face: Nope. Still not the right husband.

#13: Jamie’s Sacrificial Lamb Face: Well, at least we know Black Jack’s not waiting for him. And where the heck is Murtagh? Will we be seeing him verra, verra soon?

#12: Jamie’s Brilliant Plan Face: He couldn’t have turned himself in BEFORE Fergus lost his hand?

#11: Jamie’s Your Place Or Mine? Face: Jamie never does try very hard to get away from women seducing him.

#10: Jamie’s Acting My Pants Off Face: Not bad. Not bad. But Jenny is better.

#9: Jamie’s Man Of Leisure Face: I knew there was a smile somewhere under that beard.

#8: Jamie’s Severed Heart Face: See? What did I say about those eyes. Not a single line of dialogue in this scene, but you know exactly what he’s feeling and thinking.

#7: Jamie’s To The Rescue! Face: Good thing after laying in wait for who knows how long, those numbskull redcoats didn’t wait around another 30 seconds. Guess they’ve never heard of the word bait.

#6: Jamie’s I’m Not Being Unfaithful Face: Do you think Jamie is thinking here, ‘it doesn’t count because Claire’s not born yet?’ Yeah, me neither.

#5: Jamie’s Shave & A Hair Cut Face: But it’s gonna cost Jamie a little more than two bits.

#4: Jamie’s Mother-Boy Face: Walking the line between motherly love and jumping his bones here, Mar.

#3: Jamie’s Come Hither Face: What the ‘ell? I don’t remember nuthin’ like this in Season 1 or 2! Claire’s been holding out on us.

#2: Jamie’s Sensitive Man Face: Lick up those tears, Mary. Er … ahem, I mean, give him a moment, dear.

#1: Jamie’s In Your Dreams Face: Ah. There’s the right husband.

All images used above are property of Sony Pictures and Starz, Inc.

Outlander Episode 303: ALL DEBTS PAID premieres on Starz this Sunday, 24 September 2017 in the U.S.

If you missed Jamie’s best looks from Ep. 301, you can find them here: Jamie’s Top 30 Looks from Outlander Ep301: THE BATTLE JOINED.

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