So, how did you celebrate the most amazing cosmic event in 2017 – at least in our infinitesimal part of the solar system? If you’re outside the United States, it probably wasn’t very exciting. If you were outside the zone of totality, it may have been almost as ‘unexciting.’ I reside in the 75% eclipse zone, but I thought it was still pretty cool.

Because I didn’t plan far enough ahead to get my hands on a pair of solar eclipse glasses (though I am registered to vote, so that more than makes up for it), I was unable to look directly at the sun. But being as I’m leery of ever looking at the sun for any reason, I might have chickened out anyway.

Like most of you, I’m sure, I watched coverage of the eclipse on television in sync with my laptop – didn’t want to miss a thing! Lots of spectacular images have been and are being shared. Here’s a few of mine which are nowhere near spectacular or breathtaking or share-worthy really, but I think they’re a little bit nifty.

One of the things you might notice, if you listen while you watch, is the disappearance of the singing cicadas as the sky grows darker.  As if on cue, the frogs behind my house started croaking. Unfortunately, I don’t appear to have caught their froggy chorus in any of my pictures. I think they caught on quicker than the cicadas and went back to sleep.

I’m curious to learn what interesting events you may have noticed during the eclipse. Did the birds stop tweeting? Did any frogs near you start croaking? Did your cat go promptly to sleep like a friend of mine reported. Of course, given it’s a cat, that’s not hard, scientific evidence of eclipse-effect.

The only effect on my dog was he kept wondering why I repeatedly stepped outside to take note of the drop in temperature. It definitely got darker and definitely got cooler for about 20 minutes, though we never achieved total eclipse.

However, the eclipse did have an interesting side effect on me. It made me kick off my shoes and do a cartwheel in the grass. Now, I haven’t done that since my age started with a ‘1.’ You can imagine I was quite a bit rusty but managed to complete three attempts … about half as good as this one:

Of course, in the process of my most amazing feat (with thankfully no one watching, so you’ll have to take my word for it), I FELT like this:

In my defense, I’m nursing a sprained ankle. Regardless of how good or bad my cartwheels may have looked to anyone else, attempting to rotate my arms and legs in a sort of circle made me feel silly and nostalgic. The eclipse reminded me of how small we all are. For a few hours, problems were set aside so we could all come together and witness a truly remarkable event. I don’t know about you, but I feel a little bit younger today.

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