My three favorite shows (of all time) begin their 7th, 3rd and 8th seasons this year. As I wait for the Season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones to begin, I can’t help but compare it to Outlander (premiering its 3rd season on September 10th) and The Walking Dead (most likely premiering sometime in October on its 8th season).

The first fact which stands out is that all three shows are adaptations. All three shows are fantasy-based yet completely different. While Game of Thrones bounces between multiple storylines, Outlander is centered on the story between Jamie and Claire but will start sharing screen time with Lord John Grey, Roger and Bree and other primary characters as the seasons progress.  The Walking Dead likes to tear its characters apart, bring them together, then tear them apart again, etc.

3 Villains

Perhaps the largest commonality between the shows is the compelling characters. Personally, I find the more dastardly the villain, the more interesting the story. The Walking Dead and Outlander introduce one villain a season at a time. Game of Thrones has multiples, with one often outdoing the others. Season 6 was exceptional in that one storyline was darkened by Ramsey Bolton while the main (at least, who I consider to be the top) villain came into her own and took the throne after blowing everyone to smithereens and driving her last son to take his own life. Man, it doesn’t get much worse than that. Of course, I can’t wait to see how GOT tops itself in Season 7.

Going back to Outlander Season 2, Jonathan Randall takes the crown for most dastardly villain after his treatment of Jamie (which is actually way worse in the novel, fyi to non-readers). Hmmm. How to compare that to what Ramsey does to poor Theon. Again I say, man, it doesn’t get any worse than that for either dude.

Let’s talk about Negan for a second. Gotta give him some credit for not chopping off body parts or making Rick his b*tch. Nope. He just bashes people’s skulls into a bloody mess. Outlander and The Walking Dead did what Game of Thrones has never done – turned my stomach. Not even the Red Wedding is as upsetting as watching Randall abuse Jamie or Negan take Lucille out for a spin. I get more upset whenever one of the dire wolves is killed. That’s just me.

Both Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead have larger ensemble casts than Outlander. As such, they have plenty of heroes and heroines to go around, but I managed to select my favorites below. What do they all have in common? I’d say, they never give up. They might take a detour or two, but always find their way back. They’ve all been faced with death and all kicked its butt. Gotta give special mention to Jon Snow for coming back from the dead. In a way, so does Jamie. Of each character, Jamie seems to be the one on a first name basis with the grim reaper.

1 Heroines

2 Heroes

Every good guy or gal needs a dependable right hand, and the three below happen to be world-wide fan favorites. Who wouldn’t want any of these three at your side? I honestly don’t think I could choose. Tyrion may not be the greatest fighter, but he can talk his way out of any troublesome situation. Murtagh and Daryl can stare down an opponent, plus kill them with their sword or crossbow, respectively – so, there’s that. Come to think of it, Tyrian’s not bad with a crossbow either.

4 Righthands

Children are the future, and the future’s looking bright with these three young ‘uns. Let’s see, Carl loses an eye. SPOILER. Fergus loses a hand. Arya’s still bodily intact, but she’s running on vengeance which has to be damaging to some part of her – soul, conscience, morality? I don’t know about you, but I’m worried about her. At the same time, I get such a thrill watching her slit Walder’s throat. Kill. Kill. Kill.

5 Youngsters

I created a special mention category to list a few of my other favorite characters. I call the women below Fearless, though they’re also Heroines, Warriors and Righthands. We haven’t seen much of Brianna yet, but she’s a fiery character who fights her own battles her own way. Michonne and Brienne simply kick ass in everything they do. They are huge standouts for me. Yes, I have girl crushes.

6 Fearless

Well, that was me rambling while I wait. Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock. Game of Thrones is on at nine o’clock. Hope you all enjoy the show. Will Danerys finally meet Jon Snow?

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