In Episode 212: THE HAIL MARY, Jamie strives and fails to save the Jacobites from their doomed ending on Culloden Moor. Colum drops in to make a deathbed request which finally puts Dougal in his place and raises Jamie up higher than I think he cares to be.

While Jamie deals with his uncles and struggles with the war council bumbling, Claire faces off with Jonathan Randall for the last time. As in Ep. 106: THE GARRISON COMMANDER, Black Jack’s role is expanded upon. I’ll take all the Black Jack I can get, so me likey. However, his final farewell to his brother leaves me a bit confused. Not sure where that came from . . . brothers, I suppose.

Murtagh is another character of whom I can’t get enough. His stepping in to accompany Claire to visit the Randalls is an interesting and very welcome divergence from the novel. Although I was looking forward to Jamie’s soft-hearted treatment of Jack, I thoroughly enjoyed Murtagh’s offer of marriage to save Mary from the bad brother – even though everyone is supposed to be dead in less than three days. Details.

Sam Heughan continues to perfect Jamie’s many expressions in this episode but with not much humor as we head into the season finale. Not much sex either, although I know the Frasers somehow manage to make a baby. Darn this serious drama piece.

Twelve down. One more to go. I had a bit more fun with this one and hope you enjoy Jamie’s Top 30 Looks for Episode 212: THE HAIL MARY on this All Hallow’s Eve.

#30: Jamie’s Oh No, He Dinna Face:

Jamie’s astounded the Prince turned his back

On the eve of their best, well-laid attack.

Losing his way through the trees in the dark,

Bonnie’ll surely make a first-rate monarch.

30 ep212 Jamie Trying To Rally The Troops

#29: Jamie’s Now Where Are We Going To Sleep? Face

When uncle stops by for a long, friendly chat,

Make sure he comes packing with pillow and mat.

If not, he’ll be sure to claim your soft bed,

Dirtying your sheets and bearskin bedspread.

29 ep212 Jamie Private talk

#28: Jamie’s Mata Clairi Face:

Jamie sends scouts to the north, east and west,

Hoping to find where his enemies rest,

‘Til Claire breezes in, after shopping in town,

With info she learned after staring Jack down.

28 ep212 Jamie Really Interesting

#27: Jamie’s You Had To Say Culloden Face:

Jamie’s all business as they come through the door,

Then Murtagh points out, they’re camped near the moor.

A moment of silence, quickly ensues.

Though three days away, they must follow through.

27 ep212 Jamie Let's Not Talk About Culloden

#26: Jamie’s Dirty Rotten Scoundrel Face:

Jamie reveals Claire’s intel to Dougal,

But concealing the source is somewhat futile.

Saying out loud the name of the louse

Makes Jamie throw up a bit in his mouth.

25 ep212 Jamie The Man Who Dwells In Darkness

#25: Jamie’s War 101 Face:

Jamie alone paid attention in class,

Compared to this room of pandering brass.

Only a dunce would charge into battle

Leading to slaughter their men as the cattle.

22 ep212 Jamie Urges Prince To Defeat Enemy Once And For All

#24: Jamie’s Keeping Up With The MacKenzies Face:

If reality shows were as old as yore,

The MacKenzies ratings would certainly soar

Higher than the Kadarshian family.

Yes, even without all the depravity.

23 ep212 Jamie Clan Calamity

#23: Jamie’s No Rest For The Weary Face:

Dougal complains there’s no bannock in view

For him or his horse, not even his crew.

But off he must go to find the Red Coats

‘Cause like it or not, they’re someplace real close.

26 ep212 Jamie Commands Dougal

#22: Jamie’s “Be Not Afraid of Greatness” Face:

Some men are born great while some achieve greatness.

Some men seek glory while some remain nameless.

If mythical Jamie were a real man,

He’d leave a wide mark on the timespan.

24 ep212 Jamie What To Do With The Prince

#21: Jamie’s Bended Knee Face:

When it comes to warfare, these two men don’t sync.

Jamie’s are tan while the Prince’s are pink.

Of course, I mean knees – the measure of men.

At least, what they show from beneath their tartans.

21 ep212 Jamie On Bended Knee

#20: Jamie’s Odd Man Out Face:

When Jamie walks into the room he is shocked

To hear the men squabble and bicker and balk.

He should start a new club with more level heads

Where the plots don’t result in everyone dead.

19 ep212 Jamie Odd Man Out

#19: Jamie’s Singular Man Face:

It took Colum years to figure this man

And see he puts first, all those in the clan.

James values their lives more than his own,

Even at the expense of standing alone.

20 ep212 Jamie No Different From Dougal

#18: Jamie’s Bad Plan Face:

Jamie no likey Claire meeting with Jack.

There’s no one around to prevent an attack

If Alex should die while under her care.

Delicate Mary will only be there.

17 ep212 Jamie Doesn't Trust Randall

#17: Jamie’s Good Plan Face:

However, there’s always good ol’ Murtagh

To crack a few heads and lay down the law.

If Randall acts up, it’s off with his cock.

Ha ha. Didn’t think I’d go for Jack’s stalk?

18 ep212 Jamie Substitution

#16: Jamie’s Not Ready For Prime Time Face:

I’d love to see Sam host S.N.L.

And spoof a Starz show we all know so well.

It’s only a matter of time, you’ll agree,

He’ll take on the spotlight of late night TV.

13 ep212 Jamie Big Brother

#15: Jamie’s Spooky Face:

Admittedly, Jamie is the hottest around,

Except when his eyes are eerily bound.

What must he be thinking to cast such a glance?

He’s freaking me out with his Halloween trance.

15 ep212 Jamie Spooky

#14: Jamie’s Randall Shmandall Face:

Claire yammers on about Frank then Black Jack.

She worries ’bout Alex. Yackity Yack.

Jamie listens intently, playing the champ,

While Claire grumbles on about Alex’s tramp.

16 ep212 Jamie If It's Not One Randall, It's Another

#13: Jamie’s Make Charles See Reason Face:

Jamie’s naive when it comes to the Prince,

Thinking this time he’ll succeed to convince

Their schemes will yield nothing but absolute harm.

What the heck. One hundred times is a charm.

14 ep212 Jamie Will Make Charles See Reason

#12: Jamie’s Cowardly Talk Face:

Only a blind man would call Jamie coward,

Or maybe a man afraid of his powers.

If Jamie were Klingon, he’d strike with a blow.

Lucky for O’Sully, this isn’t that show.

12 ep212 Jamie Not So Cowardly

#11: Jamie’s Silver Linings Playbook Face:

The one silver lining in Claire’s crazy plan

Is Jamie will finally be rid of the man

Whose long, painful death is well overdue.

Soon Jack’ll be nothing but a pile of goo.

11 ep212 Jamie Let's Bleed Randall

#10: Jamie’s Why I Oughta . . . Face:

Over and over, Claire yanks Jamie’s chain,

Stomping his heart and causing him pain.

It’s not like he has nothing to do,

Just a wee, little gig of a Scottish coup.

10 ep212 Jamie Means To Succeed

#9: Jamie’s Trusted Friend Face:

Is Jamie a friend or a foe to the Prince?

This scene makes me sigh and squirm with a wince.

If this is how Chuck treats his most loyal companion,

How he acts toward his enemies is hard to imagine.

09 ep212 Jamie Loyal Companion And Friend

#8: Jamie’s Cullodamn Face:

If only the Prince would follow his lead,

They’d surprise the Brits and leave them to bleed.

But Jamie’s attempts to stave off the doom

Gets lost in the mist and bring on the gloom.

08 ep212 Jamie Culloden

#7: Jamie’s Smartie Kilt Face:

Behind those blue eyes, dwells a brain of good sense.

It’s good with all matters and can sniff out pretense.

As Colum draws out his name of successor,

Jamie looks on, feeling the pressure.

06 ep212 Jamie Smart Lad

#6: Jamie’s Clan Leader Face:

Jamie looks forceful as the new overlord,

Passing up Dougal on the MacKenzie scoreboard.

He didn’t expect the honor bestowed;

Nor does he need the extra workload.

07 ep212 Jamie Clan Leader

#5: Jamie’s Distract And Serve Face:

Jamie thinks Claire is cute when she’s riled,

Using his charm to distract and beguile.

Staying on her good side is a piece of advice

He’d better well heed or he’ll pay a high price.

05 ep212 Jamie Teasing At An Inappropriate Time

#4: Jamie’s Great And Powerful Scot Face:

Colum makes clear, there’s one thing that’s certain

The Wizard of Alba from behind tartan curtain

Will pay any price and stop at nothing,

To win the rebellion and crown the prince King.

04 ep212 Jamie All Powerful

#3: Jamie’s Chosen One Face:

If I had to choose ‘tween Dougal and Jamie,

I’d have to say, the choice is “no-brainy.”

Red Jamie could guard me and offer protection

In hopes that he makes many, personal inspections.

03 ep212 Jamie Honored To Be Chosen

#2: Jamie’s Never Give Up, Never Surrender Face:

Jamie is resolved to change history,

To rescue his men from foul misery.

But the damn paradox keeps blocking his path

Leading them all to Culloden’s bloodbath.

02 ep212 Jamie Not Ready To Give Up

#1: Jamie’s Kiss And Make Up Face:

There’s no sense denying, the Frasers have fire.

Especially when fighting, they never expire,

Except to excuse their words in the end.

From his lips to hers, they make their amends.

01 ep212 Jamie Says goodbye

Coming soon: Final Top Looks for Season 2 from Outlander Episode 213: DRAGONFLY IN AMBER.

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