In Episode 203: USEFUL OCCUPATIONS AND DECEPTIONSSam Heughan‘s Jamie spends most of his time drinking, drinking then drinking some more. He’s very isolated in this episode, single-handedly attempting to stop a large scale Jacobite invasion. What’s most interesting about this episode (at least, to me) is Sam’s political persona. We all revel in his charisma and sultry looks as Jamie, but he must use his seductive skills to woo a Minister of Finance and a Prince without letting down his guard or abandoning his own principles.

While I miss sexy Jamie, I quite enjoyed Sam’s performance in this episode. Even when he’s in a room full of people, he acts alone, using his body language and subtle expressions to keep us engaged. In the end Jamie finds out he’s not alone at all. Claire is always with him.

It’s lovely to see the new “old” Jamie re-emerging. For your enjoyment, I present my favorite Top 29 of Jamie’s Looks for Episode 203 and one Murtagh.

#30: Murtagh’s Going to Find Something to Eat Face – Did he say something or someone? It’s hard to tell with his accent sometimes.

30 ep203 Murtagh something to eat 01

#29: Jamie’s Pouty Face – Jamie’s pouty because Claire wasn’t waiting at home for him. It’s days like this I think I might actually have a chance . . .

29 ep203 Jamie pouty 01

#28: Jamie’s Has A Lot On His Mind Face – Much like Prince Humperdinck, Jamie has a lot on his plate. He’s got his country’s Jacobite rebellion to foil, a wine business to run, his dark nemesis to murder and no one to frame for it. He’s swamped.

28 ep203 Jamie waiting 05

#27: Jamie’s Not Drunk Enough Face – Jamie started drinking early in this episode, but he’s still not drunk enough to give in to this harlot.

27 ep203 Jamie not drunk enough

#26: Jamie’s When Do I Get To Feel Good? Face – Oh, Jamie. Sometimes you simply make it too easy for me.

26 ep203 Jamie what about me 02

#25: Jamie’s Still Not Drunk Enough Face – Good to know. I’ll make a note: Wait until he finishes the bottle.

25 ep203 Jamie still not drunk enough 08

#24: Jamie’s Bully Face – This is Jamie shaking a young French lad upside down to see what comes out of him. I don’t know . . . he seems to enjoy spanking women and bullying urchins a little too much for my taste. Oh, who am I kidding?

24 ep203 Jamie shakes Fergus 01

#23: Jamie’s Tail Between His Legs Face – Jamie comes to Claire and Mother Hildegarde for help with his espionage. Who doesn’t enjoy a little groveling?

23 ep203 Jamie visits hospital 11

#22: Jamie’s Claire Hair Face – Jamie shows Claire’s not the only one who can whip it around.

#21: Jamie’s Betrayed Again Face – At some point Jamie has to stop being surprised every time one of his French and/or English allies changes sides. I mean, really.

21 ep203 Jamie betrayal 07

#20: Jamie’s Glugging In The Morning Face – Ah, nothing like a good stiff drink first thing in the morning after an all-night drinking session.

20 ep203 Jamie glugging in the morning

#19: Jamie’s Glugging In The Evening Face – I’m starting to lose count.

19 ep203 Jamie glugging in the evening

#18: Jamie’s Glugging Unaware Jack Is Alive Face – His alcohol level should be around 0.5 by now. If he weren’t a Scot, he’d be dead.

18 ep203 Jamie glugging unawares

#17: Jamie’s Glugging In Celebration Of The Prince’s Good News Faces – If this were a drinking game, we’d all be dead.

#16: Jamie’s About This Big Face – Is he telling us how big Sawny is or how much whiskey he wants in his glass?

16 ep203 Jamie sawny 02

#15: Jamie’s Checkmate Face – Okay. Enough. You know the man has a serious problem when he tries to eat a chess piece to celebrate his victory. What’s it made of – whiskey licorice?

15 ep203 Jamie checkmate 01

#14: Jamie’s Gimme Some Sugar, Baby Faces – Claire’s not liking the smell of booze and cheap perfume. So picky. I’ll take Jamie smelling like manure any day of the week.

#13: Jamie’s Urine Tasting Face – Yep. Your wife is in Paris and rather than attend a wine tasting festival, she chose to savor the flavor of fine urine . . . and she kisses you with that mouth.

13 ep203 Jamie urine tasting 04

#12: Jamie’s Watch Your Sporran Face – He’s not talking to me, is he? It was one frickin’ time.

12 ep203 Jamie watch sporran 01

#11: Jamie’s Relief And Shock  Faces – What is the deal with men touching Jamie’s face?

11 ep110 Jamie sublime11 ep203 Jamie relief & shock 13

#10: Jamie’s Can’t Look Away Face – I guess it’s nice to know even Jamie’s eyes wander occasionally.

10 ep203 Jamie what's he looking at 01

#9: Jamie’s Fighting Feathers Face  – Looks to me like Jamie is hoping Claire doesn’t ask him to elaborate. I guess “fighting feathers” is the euphemism for hanging out with whores and watching their naked bodies get painted so they have breasts on the front and back.

09 ep203 Jamie fighting feathers 06

#8: Jamie’s Dirty Scot Face – Clean. Wet. Dirty. Who cares?

08 ep203 Jamie dirty scot 02

#7: Jamie’s Chess Face – I don’t know about you, but could you concentrate across the board from this guy?

07 ep203 Jamie contemplates 02

#6: Jamie’s Killing Me Softly Faces – Only Jamie gets us hot eating a piece of buttered bread and blowing on a piece of paper.

06 ep113 Jamie buttered bread06 ep203 Jamie killing me softly

#5: Jamie’s Permission To Show Less Respect Face – Deverney took the words right out of my mouth.

05 ep203 Jamie respect less 01

#4: Jamie’s Hires Fergus Face – Jamie wants Fergus to steal royal dispatches. No biggie. I mean, the worst thing that can happen is the kid’ll lose a hand.

04 ep203 Jamie offers job 03

#3: Jamie’s Goldberg Variations Face – Jamie looks turned on by his smart wife. Does he know I’m an aerospace engineer?

03 ep203 Jamie enlists MH 09

#2: Jamie’s Toasting Claire Face – Finally back in the bosom. (Not that bosom.)

02 ep203 Jamie to MH 04

#1: Jamie’s Eeny Meeny Miny You Face – I like this game much better with Jamie than Negan.

01 ep203 Jamie you 01

Outlander Episode 204: LA DAME BLANCHE premieres on Starz on Saturday, 30 April 2016 in the U.S.

My recapped review of this episode is also available: A True Fan’s Review of Outlander Episode 203: USEFUL OCCUPATIONS AND DECEPTIONS

22 thoughts on “Jamie’s Top 30 Looks from Outlander Episode 203: USEFUL OCCUPATIONS & DECEPTIONS

  1. “Jamie’s Eeny Meeny Miny You Face – I like this game much better with Jamie than Negan.”

    So….you’re a Walking Dead fan, too?

  2. I love reading your comments. I really like this one with the top Jamie looks. I like how you insert humor in your blogs. Thanks, and I will continue to watch the series, I truly enjoy it.

  3. Oh, how I missed you! Brilliant, as always! Well, no wonder. What else could I expect from an aerospace engineer! Let’s keep looking for that wee wooden snake….about yon long!!

  4. Both J and C are cranky and are not getting enough – ahem- rest. Neither to bed NOR to sleep.

    Candida- you are priceless!!

  5. You had me cracking up the whole time. #21 Jamie Betrayed Face, if he keeps this up he’ll be as transparent as Claire. #22 made me laugh out loud at my desk. Thanks for the story recap of Jamie’s expressions.

  6. I was surprised about the moment that Jamie was thinking he had to describe Sawney to Claire. She knew what Sawney looked like since she was the one who returned it to Jamie in episode 113..The Watch. Jamie must really be sleep deprived to forget that!

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