Day 12 of Outlander Starz’s offerings is a game of “Would You Rather . . .” with Stephen Walters (aka Angus Mohr) and Grant O’Rourke (aka Rupert MacKenzie).

Unfortunately, the video is no longer available, but you can check out their answers in the screen grabs to follow. Were your answers the same as Stephen and Grant’s? How about mine?

1 Live v Love

I would rather live forever without love because I’ll be too busy getting an infinite number of PhD’s anyway.

2 Redcoats v Trial

I would rather be tried as a witch because then I could scare the sh*t out of everyone putting a curse on them all before being burned at the stake.

3 Haggis v Rhenish

Um . . . I don’t drink and haggis sounds kind of gross, so . . .

4 Shower v Dry

This question makes no sense. Can I cheat and say . . . I’ll never shower again – I’ll take baths?

5 Mute v Speak

Considering I already say whatever is on my mind . . .

6 Phone v Friends

Are you kidding me? Make it a month without my phone.

7 Randall v Wolves

I pick Randall because I don’t wanna hurt the wolves. They don’t deserve it.

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