Day 10 of Outlander Starz‘s offerings is a day for a golden celebration of the Show, Caitriona Balfe, and Tobias Menzies for their three well-deserved Golden Globe nominations.

Golden Girl Caitriona Balfe is the star of the show and today’s Outlander offering in this Q&A video:

An exciting day to be sure. Here are just a few of the celebratory tweets posted.

The big nomination missing from the list above is the one for Lead Actor in a Television Drama Series: Sam Heughan.

Golden Absentee

When I learned of his specific exclusion early this morning, my first thought was . . . Oh, boy. Here come the outraged tweets. I am disappointed, but not outraged. Television programs over the years have improved greatly in the quality of their production, writing and casting which attracts some of the best talent in show business. Sam and Caitriona had tough competition in 2015, but I am most impressed with Tobias’ nomination because he competed in a much larger pool. I am as unsurprised by his nomination as I am disappointed in Sam’s omission.

Given Sam’s performance this past year, I have no idea what else he could have done to stand out even more than he did. He was whipped, shot, nearly lynched, nearly hung, whipped to a pulpy mess, tortured, maimed, raped, fell in love, made love at knife point, let the love of his life go then got her back. And that was just in one season. Furthermore, Sam as Jamie expressed a spectrum of emotions from love, fear, hate and happiness to a few I have never and hope never to experience myself.

The word “snub” will be passed around for weeks, if not months, but I refuse to use that word as defined: to treat with disdain or contempt, especially by ignoring.

The Hollywood Foreign Press is not treating Sam Heughan with distain by not nominating him. We all know he was a serious contender and was not ignored during the consideration process. The HFP members simply selected other well-deserving candidates. I can’t imagine a more forceful and compelling lead actor performance than Sam’s, but I’m sure the actors who were nominated are worthy of the Golden Globe honor. As I don’t watch their shows, I can only assume they must have been amazing.

Having said that, Sam Heughan is as much a nominee as Caitriona Balfe, Tobias Menzies and the Outlander show itself. Caitriona is the star. Tobias is the scene-stealer. But Sam is the centerpiece – the highlight if you will. And not because he’s dreamy looking and speaks with a Scottish accent. It’s because his heart has been with the show, the character of Jamie Fraser AND with the fans since day one.

Caitriona, Sam and Tobias make up a very powerful triumvirate. It’s impossible to imagine Outlander without any of them. They feed off each other, challenge each other, and trust each other. It shows in their public lives and in their performances.

I’m sure similar observations can be made about other ensemble casts, but none of them have material from the pleasantly deranged yet delightfully brilliant mind of Diana Gabaldon. Outlander is a concert of characters made up of portions of Diana – both real and imagined.

Diana has dedicated much of her time to help develop the show, by giving a few of the actors insights into the nature and background of their characters – priceless tidbits to which the fans will never be made privy. Hmf. Diana being closer to Sam than other actors on the show may be why his performances are so special. Perhaps that’s what drew me to put together Jamie’s Top 30. It’s not to show off Jamie’s pecs. Well, maybe a little. Honestly, my primary aim is to showcase Sam’s talent by selecting a cross section of his acting – with a twist of my own humor, of course.

Regarding Tobias Menzies, he took the reins of two polarizing characters from the novel and made them both fan-favorites. He reached into Jonathan Randall’s dark side and showed he wasn’t afraid to unleash it. He reached into Frank Randall’s compassionate side and showed he wasn’t a man to be left behind.

Regarding Caitriona Balfe, she took on the role of a complex and iconic character and catapulted her career. She reached into Claire Randall’s tenacious side and showed a woman can be the man. She reached into Claire Fraser’s vulnerable side and showed the woman beside the man.

Regarding Outlander, they took on a novel with a fiercely loyal fanbase and delivered an ambitious and faithful masterpiece. They brought together a perfect team and showed they weren’t afraid to push the boundaries of cinematic television. They never shied away from the material  and ended up making television history.

Back to the Globes, I want to congratulate nominees CAITRIONA BALFE, TOBIAS MENZIES and OUTLANDER – OUTLANDER being EVERYONE involved with the making of the show from DIANA GABALDON, RON MOORE, MARIL DAVIS, MATT ROBERTS, TERRY DRESBACH, GARY LEWIS, GRAHAM MCTAVISH, LOTTE VERBEEK . . . to especially SAM HEUGHAN.

10 thoughts on “25 Days of #Outlander – Day 10: THE GOLDEN GLOBES

  1. Terrific perspective. Yesterday I was in shock – like a mum whose child was left out of the team. Better today. Sam is a consumate professional, I’ve got my mum emotions under control, but still somewhat sore.

  2. Well stated and succinctly put! Outlander and Sam are integral to the story and Sam is a team player. This show is the sum of all its parts and as fans we will give Sam our full support along with Cait, Tobias, Ron and Terry and all the cast a crew. Here is hoping the nominations they received are followed by an actual award to celebrate.

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