25 Days of #Outlander – Day 6: OUTLANDER COSTUMES

Day 6 of Outlander Starz‘s offerings is a sneak peek at two of its equine stars . . .

. . . and two of costume designer Terry Dresbach‘s French gowns for Season 2.

Terry not only regularly shares tidbits of her designs for our teasing pleasure, she also shares mood boards, inspirational images and views of her homes away from home. Of course, it’s impossible not to receive inspiration living in places like this . . .

Hi, Culiean!

A fabulous entry way!

Love the red room at the back of the house.

And this room, too . . .

Up in the master bedroom (I think) . . .

Then back down to the living room . . .

A fireplace in every room of the house. Oh, my!

Now, on to Terry’s inspirations . . .

And Terry having a bit of computer fun . . .

Be sure to check out all of Terry’s postings on her very informative and equally spectacular website: An 18th Century LifeHer hard work and dedication have helped to bring Outlander vibrantly to life. Terry and her team’s love and respect for the novels shows in every ribbon, button, thread, pleat, stain, hole, ruffle and wrinkle.

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