The theme for Ep106: THE GARRISON COMMANDER is definitely red as in Red Coats. For those of you #FriendsOfFrank, you’ll be happy to know his entire wardrobe in this episode consists of a towel and a sexy smile. And speaking of an eye-full, we are also awarded a few quick  flashes of Jamie’s handsome father – Brian Fraser.

Despite all the dashing-looking men in and out of uniform, the standout costume of the evening is easily Claire’s ethereal nightgown in the close shave flashback scene. After the episode airing, Costume Designer, Terry Dresbach, wrote this about her creation:

“Claire’s nightgown. It is just a lovely, lovely garment. We dyed that gorgeous silk this lush, peach color. I wanted to make something that was clean and sophisticated that would reflect who Claire is and what she would choose, and yet be devastatingly feminine and sexy. The high lace collar shows off her perfect neck. I also wanted it to to slide off in one movement, once you untie that string (originally scripted).”

I seem to recall reading the main material coming from a piece of vintage silk – Anyone? In any case, this is a one-of-a-kind design – like the rest of Claire’s wardrobe, so you won’t find this lacy number in a Victorian Secret catalog. To read more about the other costumes, check out Ms. Dresbach’s An 18th Century Life: The Garrison Commander.

5 thoughts on “Outlander Costumes Episode 106: The Garrison Commander

    1. He’s in the crowd behind Dougal during Jamie’s flogging scene. He’s clearly shown at least three times for a few seconds. Sorry I don’t have the timecode,but it’s a short scene so you should be able to spot him.

  1. Hi

    You might want to correct your photo titles and change “Wentworth” to “Fort William”‘ that was were Jamie was flogged……. Wentworth is at the end of the first season not even mentioned yet

    Love your posts and emails by the way Cheers

    Trish Sixtus


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