Captain Jonathan Wolverton Randall is one of historical literature’s greatest villains ever written. Diana Gabaldon created him from parts of herself. Hard to imagine! But then again, maybe not. Ms. Gabaldon and Black Jack are strong in character, confident, shrewd, determined, and both like men.

She also has much in common with Frank Randall – Black Jack’s (more or less) alter ego. They are erudite, considerate, patient, loyal, and both like history.

Enter the man – Tobias Menzies – in the role of both Outlander characters. We’ve seen his Frank Randall and have fallen in love with him. We’ve met his Black Jack Randall and have fallen under his dark spell. Tomorrow night’s episode THE GARRISON COMMANDER promises to deliver the darkest and most revealing scenes of the man we love to hate.

With perfect timing the shy social-networker, Mr. Menzies, took to twitter to answer our questions about all things Randall. I had no doubt he’d be as witty and charming over the internet as he is in person. He did not disappoint. Congrats to my girl, Isa, having one of her questions answered! Check it out at the very bottom along with Franks Top 10.

Frank’s Top 10 Outlander Looks

This one’s for you Andrea, Isa, Ingrid, and Mandy! I’ll let you ladies cat fight the order of your names.

10: Frank’s Why The F#@* Are You Staring At My Wife? Face – The men of Outlander certainly know how to throw a glare. This is the only time Frank and Jamie fortuitously “meet.” Fair play, Frank. You haunt Jamie his entire life.


9: Frank’s I Bite My Lip Too Face – Jamie’s not the only one who gets adorably excited, ‘cept Frank’s arousal is historical.


8: Frank’s I Look Look Pretty Damn Cute When I Scrunch My Nose Face – Makes you want to pinch his cheeks.

. . . not those ones, dirty-birdies!


7: Frank’s Damn If That Stubbornness Isn’t What I Find So Attractive About You Face – Stubbornness is strong in my family, Frank. Just sayin’ . . .

Reference available upon request.


6: Frank’s Please Forgive Me Now Let’s Have Make Up Sex Face – Frank’s no dummy.


5: Frank’s Doodle Face – Okay. I admit it. I played this clip a few times listening to him say “doodle.” I guess I was imagining him doodling on me. Oops. Did I just say that out loud?


4: Frank’s I Can Wink Face – You’ve got one over on Jamie, Professor Randall.


3: Frank’s What Am I To Do With You? Face – Yeah. You’ve got the right idea there, Frank. If Claire prefers jumping up and down on the bed, I know of at least four volunteers to take her place.


2: Frank’s Welcome Home Claire Face – Sigh. What a beautiful fantasy this represented  – a perfect addition to the story.



1: Frank’s You Want Me To What? Face – I like a man who doesn’t let a few centuries of dust and grime get between him and the woman he loves.


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