The next best thing to Scotland…Cape Breton, Nova Scotia (oh, and the Outlander Premiere)

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Great Scot!

In my mind, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia is the next best thing to Scotland and that’s where I’ll be for the next couple of weeks. Although GreatScot! blog posts may be a little more infrequent than usual, rest assured that I will keeping an eye out for interesting tidbits to post from time to time during my vacation.

For those who may not be familiar with Cape Breton Island, it is an island at the northern tip of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. As it was largely settled by Highland Scots emigrants, Cape Breton has a rich Gàidhlig history and many aspects of that culture are still evident today. The Celtic musical tradition is especially strong and there are still places where Gàidhlig is routinely spoken. I’m looking forward to the chance to practice my limited Gàidhlig vocabulary and see if anyone can understand me.

Here are a few pictures I took…

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  1. I’ve never been to Cape Breton but I have been to Halifax a few times.

    1. I love Halifax too! I was there in 2000 for Tall Ships.

      Mandy, Great Scot!

  2. The music from the Canadian is also so reminiscent of the melodies, harmonies and sounds of Scotland. We have had the pleasure of the enjoying the Canadian music for over 20 years.

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