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Acknowledgements: Thank you to Dàrsaidh for the lovely sonnet and for taking on the challenge of writing in Ian’s voice. And, of course, hugs and kisses for “Team Ian” for allowing me to use their wonderful art again (and again): Covadonga VegaIsa, Riet, and Ingrid. Thanks also to Kath Powell for lending me your artistic mind.

10 thoughts on “Ian’s Kilt

  1. Ohmy. How did I miss this? My mother has been pining away for Jamie for years and I’m here proclaiming “I guess Ian’s more my type.” If I’m completely honest, it’s really his youngest that does it for me, but I’ll be happy with his Da until season four or so. In a kilt. Thank you ever so much.

    1. Both Ian’s are adorable – gentle and strong. I’m also a Roger girl. And I love Lord John Grey though I’m not his type!

      So glad you found Ian’s Kilt. Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed it. More to come . . .

  2. Ohh my…loved the “interview.” It seems so real to me that I can almost see and hear Ian. What a wonderful piece of writing. The sonnet is lovely, too. Do you have a translation of the title?

  3. Finally had a chance to come and read this post. It’s fabulous!!
    It drew me right in. You have such a beautiful creative mind! Dàrsaidh’s sonnet is beautiful and touching and the art work is amazing! Lovely, lovely work.

  4. Reblogged this on Great Scot! and commented:
    This work was just too brilliant for words! Candida has such a wonderful way with description. I always look forward eagerly to each new post. Do yourself a favor and follow her now so you never miss a one!

  5. All wonderfully put together. Great campaign, love the artwork and Dàrsaidh’s sonnet is so beautiful! No need for me to lend you my artistic mind, you already have a great one of your own.

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