#Pocketjamie Adventure

 sponsored a #Pocketjamie contest  a few months ago which has inspired the fans to create humorous art work in his honor. #Pocketjamie is a pocket-sized version of the actor playing Jamie Fraser, Sam Heughan, in the Outlander series based on the novel by Diana Gabaldon. Mr. Heughan is a Scottish actor from New Galloway, Dumfriesshire, Scotland and has proven himself perfect for the part by embracing the character with a full heart and bringing Jamie to life in a way that has impressed his fans and, more importantly, the author herself. Claire Randall is being played by Caitriona Balfe, an actress from Monaghan, Ireland. Ms. Balfe is not only beautifully suited for the part but brings with the casting choice her talent and expressive chin as can be witnessed in the trailers. They have both taken on the characters with their own brand of gusto as seen here in the TV Guide photo booth.


Following is one of my comic entries. The backgrounds are original photography of Loch Lomond, Scotland.

Jamie & Claire Fraser visit movie characters from the Rob Roy, Braveheart, and Highlander movies.



  1. wow…got on twitter today! so much activity including all the new blogs and pictures! Im going to have some major catching up to do!

    1. #Pocketjamie adventure is 2 months old, but now I finally have a place to post it. Yay!

      1. So…..what is all the controversy over new trailer? Saw bits and pieces of comments

        1. No idea. Haven’t heard any but have not been on twitter much the past two days other than to lurk. DM me with the details!

          1. Still with family in DC. Haven’t had a chance to investigate. My niece thinks listening to Sam be Jamie may have made her spontaneously pregnant! Be careful out there!

  2. Hahaha! ‘Nough said!

    1. More #Pocketjamie Adventures to come. Not enough time in the day, and I don’t even have a job!

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