Top 10 Outlander #Caturday Moments

Happy 2019, everyone! And happy #Caturday. Having rescued a sweet little girl kitty this week, I have cats on the brain. Thus, I couldn’t think of a better way to get back into the swing of things … with Outlander Season 4 finale coming up and all … than to do a fun little Top 10 with Outlander and cats. Please note none of the cat photographs are my own. Before I begin, I’ll back up to say I’ve had a lot (and I mean a lot) of life changes, both good and bad. One of the biggest (and saddest) changes…

Top 10 Tips

Good morning, all. Sorry this isn’t the Top 10 Tips to Win Jamie Fraser’s Heart. Hmm … that does give me an idea. I’ll have to come back to that. For now … One of my readers indicated she would like to tackle colorizing her own photos and asked me how to get started. I began a reply which grew longer and longer. Before I knew it, I figured I had a new blog post. Perhaps there are a few others out there who would like to do the same. So …

Where’s Baby Candida?

So, today is all me, but then … when isn’t it? Well, usually it’s all about Jamie, but today it really is all about me. My mom recently moved into a new place. Me, my brothers and my sister went the extra mile (and then some) to unpack all her boxes and set up the house for her. After a week of some late nights, we made it move-in ready. I took lead on the organizing and decorating. My sibs were happy and very helpful letting me make the house all purdy and orderly for our mom.

Salesman of the Year

Humor can be a challenge to write. I admire standup comedians putting themselves in a position to crash and burn on stage if a joke flops. The great ones usually make fun of the fails and turn that into the joke. Writers do not have that luxurious opportunity. I love reading and writing humorous stories and dialogue. It’s an odd feeling when writing something which is supposed to be funny because it does not usually make me laugh – out loud, anyway. I write something and think to myself, “Yeah. That’s funny.” Then I think, “Will everyone else find it…

That Girl

A few of you noticed I’ve been AWOL for a while. I’ve been helping out my mom, trying to make headway on my rewrite, and in general dealing with changes in my life. Back up a bit … did I tell you I wrote a whole novel? Yep. It has romance, sizzle, witty dialogue and characters I hope to introduce to you all someday. But first, I gotta rewrite the darn thing. As it turns out, rewriting is harder than writing. Go figure. I suppose that’s why I recently made my first foray into the world of microfiction, specifically 100-word…

Jamie’s Top 30 Moments from Outlander Ep308: FIRST WIFE

Outlander Episode 308: FIRST WIFE aired on Sunday, 5 November and the first thing I have to say is … oh, the hair. Jamie’s lustrous hair. It’s back. I know aesthetics like hair should not be important, but Jamie’s red mane is a defining element (as Diana Gabaldon writes about so much in the novels) of the man over whom we love to obsess. Both Claire and Lord John Grey make a big deal about it, so why can’t I? What follows is one of Diana’s passages describing a vivid moment on the trip from Ardsmuire Prison to Helwater.

Top 30 Moments from Outlander Ep307: CRÈME DE MENTHE

Outlander Episode 307: CRÈME DE MENTHE aired on Sunday, 29 October and, well, the honeymoon is already over. Now that Jamie and Claire have had oodles and oodles of anticipation sex, it’s time to argue over childrearing. Twenty years ago, Jamie was very concerned about the dangers his wife and child would face without him. But he had no idea things like bikinis existed in the future. Good thing Claire doesn’t mention push-up bras. Oops. Too soon for those. But then, the 60s bullet bra was worse, in my opinion.

Jamie’s Top 30 Moments from Outlander Ep306: A. MALCOLM

Outlander Episode 306: A. MALCOM aired on Sunday, 22 October after a two-week, exhaustive for some, hiatus. Alas, Lord John Grey is no where to be seen, but two new(ish) characters are introduced – both adorable, adorable, adorable. Did I already say adorable? Fergus Fraser is all growed up now. Yes, ladies. You many fantasize, but try to keep it PG-13, will ya? César Domboy seamlessly takes up where young Romann Berrux leaves off. He’s handsome. He’s kinda sorta shy – at least around Claire. And he’s sporting a fancy wooden hand. I am so looking forward to his character arc over the next few seasons,…

We Are All Claire

Watching the number of #MeToo hashtags pop up on social media reminds me of some of the early Outlander criticism regarding the number of times Claire finds herself the victim of harassment, abuse or attempted rape. To that I must say (again) … puleaze. The only difference between the treatment of women in the 18th century and the treatment of women in the 21st century is nothing. Throughout history women have been the objects of unwanted attention and worse. The singular difference is the laws implemented to protect the vulnerable, which only works if the victim is brave enough to…

Top 30 Moments of Outlander Ep305: FREEDOM & WHISKY

Outlander Episode 305: FREEDOM & WHISKY aired on Sunday, 8 October and ended with the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers. The only thing that could have made it better would have been a blue-eyed, reanimated dragon flying in over Edinburgh to set fire to the print shop while Jamie lay reposed on the floor … or something like that. As that did not happen, I’ll settle for the facial expression on the lovely Claire, wearing a stylish blue cape, kinda-sorta reanimated from Jamie’s perspective, after traveling 200 years back from the future. Whew.